Michael J. Anuta Research Center

From 1970 to 1984, the Menominee County Historical Society used the old Washington School building to receive, restore, and preserve any historical pieces that were contributed.  In 1985, construction was completed for what past members referred to as the Resource Center Building.


Today, at the Michael J. Anuta Research Center, we continue that tradition of collecting and maintaining countless books, newspapers, photographs, and records about Menominee County history.


As a free service to public, throughout the summer, our archives are accessible once a week for genealogical, historical, or informational research.  We have a very knowledgeable executive director and helpful archivist on hand during these hours to assist your searches.


Resources we use for conducting genealogical and geographical research include:

Anuta Center Research Indexes

Find A Grave Cemetery Search

Menominee County’s Geographic Information System

Facebook: You Know You’re From Menominee When…

Menominee Remembered & Menominee HS Yearbooks